As of late – January in Minnesota

January has been brutal with a capitol “B”.  One day it’s a balmy 36, the next day it’s snowing, and the next day it’s -22.   In the past 9 winters I have lived here, there is usually 0-1 day(s) with a double-digit below zero temperature.  This year there have been 3 or 4!  It’s almost becoming laughable.  Z and I have been hovering in front of our fireplace in the evenings and I’ve been spending extra money on underground parking at work.

Currently, we are having our handyman Josh help us with some light installations.   Our current dining room chandelier used to be centered over a small round table, so it wasn’t centered (at the ceiling), for our larger rectangular table.  We were weary of cutting a big hole in the ceiling ourselves, so we called Josh to come help.  This is the fixture we are taking down:

light fixture

I was home when Josh was there the first day, and I came over to look when he said “What the hell?!?!”.  Never a great thing to hear from your handyman!  After removing the old chandelier, he found this:ceiling

Yup, that’s right.  A BATHROOM FAN was installed into our dining room ceiling at some point in our home’s history. I am still having a hard time figuring out what this thing was doing there. Because of this big thing, we now have a HUGE hole in the ceiling that is on it’s 3rd round of patching/sanding. So, the new fixture still isn’t installed. A few months ago, we purchased this from Pottery Barn when it was on mega-sale:

light fixture newI’m hoping it looks to scale because it sure looks large in the box! We shall see. We will also be installing a small pendant light over the kitchen sink, and a new fan/light combo in our master bedroom. We haven’t had the use of a working overhead light in our bedroom for probably over a year (I know), so it is overdue. Updates to come on those.

A couple of weeks ago when it was warm enough for a long walk, I decided to snap a pic of a new construction home on a neighboring street. (click to enlarge)

houseI love this house.  The exterior finishes aren’t complete yet, but you get the idea.  I have a thing for 1-story homes, and have noticed that not many are being built these days.  I love all of the windows and the contemporary feel.  I bet those windows on the top are going to let in some great light for the family room/kitchen (I am guessing).  Stashing this idea in case Z lets me build one day! 🙂

Today is one of those spring-like warmer days (high of 36!), so I am going to try to get out for a walk/romp in the snow with P after work.  She definitely deserves it after being cooped up during our frigid days!

P in snow 1

Also, I decided to chop my hair the other day to just resting on my shoulders.  Sorry for the hat, but you get the idea of the length here.  I am loving how easy it is.

new hair

Happy Friday!!!



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