Entry addition

Our home the last few days has been hosting quite the germ party. First Z was sick with a bad cold, then Miss Penelope was sick as a dog (pun attended) after being boarded while we were away. Then I eventually caught Z’s cold and it has put me on the couch for the last 3 days, constantly in Kleenex. Thankfully, we are all slowly on the mend. Happy to have my snuggly puppy back!


While sitting at home, I finally got motivated to hang our entry hooks we picked up at HomeGoods a few weeks ago.


After patching some giant holes from the previous owners, finding the studs, and grabbing some nails, I laughed as I picked up the hammer. Two weeks ago Z and I, and our genius home owner skills, decided to tackle our ice dams with a hammer. Three hard whacks and the handle came flying off. It left us laughing, and our ice dams intact. Live and learn. LOL


I think it finally completes our little entryway. You like?





  1. Love the hooks, they’re perfect! I broke a sledge hammer once while pounding on a for-sale sign–I know that feeling. 🙂

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