Shelf Stylin’

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Zach and I decided to make a nice dinner at home for Valentine’s day, then we enjoyed some wine and movies. For fun, we set up our comfy air mattress in the living room right in front of the fireplace and ended up sleeping there. It was so cozy and a nice treat. We also decided to finally plan our much-anticipated Europe trip, more details on that soon. I CANNOT wait.

This weekend I decided to tackle a project I have been putting off for waaay too long. Turns out, it only took about 10 minutes (go figure). We have a galley kitchen, and on the end, we have some open shelves. They have been sad looking and extremely empty ever since we moved in. The only thing I had on there was my recent Christmas gift, Pioneer Woman‘s newest cookbook, that didn’t fit inside the side cabinets.

shelf styling 2

 The side cabinets aren’t very full either… one side houses our (small) collection of wine glasses, and the other housed my cookbooks and a couple of candy-making tools.

shelf styling 1

 I spent some time trying to think of ideas of items to put on the shelves.  It was a little difficult since the shelves aren’t very tall, two of them are 7″ tall, and the bottom one is only 5.5″.  I cruised Pinterest for ideas and found 3 cute inspirations:

pinterest shelf styling ideassource                          

 Then I headed out to Target and HomeGoods, my two favorite places for inexpensive home items.  Here’s what I ended up with:

shelf styling 3

While out shopping, I picked up the two clear jars, and the small wood tray. I already owned the “J” mug and the clear water jug, which made the “cute” cut and were swiped from other cabinets. I also decided to showcase all of my cookbooks, hoping I might use them more often. In the clear jars, I added Penelope’s favorite biscuits, and popcorn. Popcorn is a “thing” in my family. We made it all the time growing up, and every once in a while would have popcorn and apples (or something else healthy), for dinner, which we thought was a huge treat when we were kids. It has since become special to my sister and I as adults.

I threw them up on the shelves and this is how it ended up:

shelf styling 4

 I am happy with how it looks, and it makes our kitchen feel  just that much more complete.  Now I just need to fill those side cabinets, and get Z a mug! 🙂

Have a great week!



  1. Okay, can’t get comments to connect to the online profile I want them to. Sorry for the weird “I’m really AS but it’s showing a super old WordPress profile for me called Librogeek instead” comment. Argh. Popcorn still rules. 🙂

  2. Nice work, it looks great. Happy to see that your Christmas cookbook and mug are featured! I really love your cream cabinets and granite color, by the way.

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