work it girl

I hate the gym.

If you know me well, you know that I’ve joined a gym about 47 (slight exaggeration) times, and then eventually, quit those gyms.  I find them smelly, germy, boring, and unmotivating.  I also hate comparing myself to those around me, and how fit I am (or not), in comparison.  It can’t be helped.

When I landed in my late 20s, I noticed that my body was changing.  I no longer had great abs without ever doing a crunch, and my twiggy legs started to look soft and weak.  I may be thin, but upon closer inspection, I’m definitely not fit.  This year I have decided to try and change that.

First off, I decided to give yoga a try.  After reading article after article about its health benefits, and realizing my own flexibility is laughable, I knew this was something I wanted to look into.  I was hesitant at first because I’ve heard many people talk about how the “any level” classes are filled with people standing on their heads. But, after some research, I found an “Absolute Beginners” 4-class course at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis.   I immediately felt comfortable in my first class, which consisted of me, one other young person, and 5 people over 50 (ha!).  Through our 4 classes, the instructor is going through the different types of yoga, and we are doing moves from each type.  I am realizing that some types of yoga are great for a workout, while others are great for relaxation/meditation.  I will feel much more comfortable finding a class that works for me after this course!

yoga girl

Me someday??  😉  (source)

I have also vowed to do more strength training at home, specifically for core and legs.  I searched around Pinterest for some specific workouts since I can’t seem to remember the good moves.  I found lots of 30-day challenges I want to try, and also stumbled upon this leg workout that Carrie Underwood does.  That girl has killer gams, and I hope to have her muscle definition someday.

carrie underwoodLast night I was flipping around and somehow landed on the CrossFit Games.  These athletes are INSANE.  The winner of the games is crowned “fittest on earth”, and boy is that the truth!  I got motivated by their crazy strength so I tried Carrie’s leg workout last night, and whoa, I’m sore today!  I always say it “hurts so good” to be sore from working out, because you know it’s doing your body good!

crossfit girlUm, definitely NOT me someday, but you go girl!  lol  (source)

Here’s to not quitting this time. 🙂


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