This year we went to Ogunquit with Z’s whole family. We had a great time and the weather was perfect! Here’s my photo-drop:

Our rental house! I LOVED it.

Lobster dinners being delivered!  

Beautiful day on “little” beach at low tide.

The view from where we are getting married! 🙂

Shuffleboard with Z and Max.

Grocery games.

Perkins Cove.  

STRONG punch at Barnacle Billy’s!

The walk from our house down the street towards the ocean and the little light house.

We are here!

Morning coffee runs to Breaking New Grounds (with a view).

Reception site!

I kind of obsess over the rocky parts of the beach.

Peter the master sandcastle builder.

Taking the box apart at the lobster boil at Fosters.

Candle-pin bowling and old-school arcade fun in York.

The Bittermans’ house.

Drip castle king and queen.

Some of the crew at candle-pin bowling.

Another Breaking New Grounds coffee morning.

Perkins Cove.


Giant bat-kites on the main beach.

Another lobster night!  

I got a kick out of this old home’s “turn-style”, meant for cows (apparently).  



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