Happy Monday!  Gotta love a fresh start to the week.  My Sunday morning sunrise snap is a good way to start.


Even with our winter getaway, Z and I have been dying just a little inside due to our weary winter weather this year.  According to our local news, we have had 15 CONSECUTIVE days below zero, and a whopping 42 days below zero in total this winter!  It may get above freezing during the day, but the frigid mornings are something we are sadly getting used to.  Please excuse me while I cry into my pillow.   

I picked these up at TJ’s this weekend because, well, I needed to see some plants that aren’t dead.


ANY-ways…. (didn’t I warn you there would be weather posts?!)

As you may know, I am a slightly obsessed dog-mom.  Miss Penelope (AKA: Nells, P, Princess, Fluff, Pen-lo) is my #1 non-human favorite thing on the planet.

She is such a goof and always getting into wacky antics, so I’ll make sure to update you on the little things every now and then.

Weirdo dog thing #1:  she enjoys licking the fireplace.  Hmmm, yeah.  Something about the minerals in the stone perhaps?

Pen 2

Our dining room table is currently sitting directly behind our couch because our light fixture still isn’t installed (don’t ask).  This has taken begging to a whole new level.

Pen 3

“Mom, quit staring at me like  a stalker and let me watch squirrels outside in peace.”


As usual, her snuggles with Z brighten my day.  🙂

P and Z

Wish I could take her to the office….