This year we went to Ogunquit with Z’s whole family. We had a great time and the weather was perfect! Here’s my photo-drop:

Our rental house! I LOVED it.

Lobster dinners being delivered!  

Beautiful day on “little” beach at low tide.

The view from where we are getting married! 🙂

Shuffleboard with Z and Max.

Grocery games.

Perkins Cove.  

STRONG punch at Barnacle Billy’s!

The walk from our house down the street towards the ocean and the little light house.

We are here!

Morning coffee runs to Breaking New Grounds (with a view).

Reception site!

I kind of obsess over the rocky parts of the beach.

Peter the master sandcastle builder.

Taking the box apart at the lobster boil at Fosters.

Candle-pin bowling and old-school arcade fun in York.

The Bittermans’ house.

Drip castle king and queen.

Some of the crew at candle-pin bowling.

Another Breaking New Grounds coffee morning.

Perkins Cove.


Giant bat-kites on the main beach.

Another lobster night!  

I got a kick out of this old home’s “turn-style”, meant for cows (apparently).  



Last few months

What have I been up to since my April Miami trip? Here goes…

I really enjoyed spring. Thanks for taking it easy on us this year, Minnesota! Hooray for no April or May snow.    

I admired my new jewelry :-). 

I said goodbye to Target…



Really enjoyed the Billy Joel Concert.



Had an engagement party! (Yes, sadly this is the ONLY photo I took. Dropped the ball). 


Supported a good friend at an AIPAC event (a pro Israel group). Go Lauren! 


Took P to a little photoshoot for lucy & co :).


Spent a lot of time at the dog park during my time off of work. 


Finally got to meet Emily’s sweet girl Eleanor (Ellie).   

Learned what P does during the week days. A lot of this:


Attended a charity event for ALS at this pretty new stadium in St Paul, home of the St Paul Saints.  


Bought new fish children. 


Celebrated accepting a new job!


Took a quick trip up to the cabin with Dad and Don to get the fixed up boat. After some drama on the high seas, we finally got it working great. Loved seeing the guest cabin progress, the new cool modern house on the lot down the street, and enjoying the gorgeous weather. We even discovered a large rock bass nesting under the dock. It wouldn’t leave, even after being caught twice!



Went to an awesome event for the Mpls Institute of Arts that had Chromeo as entertainment.  


Celebrated freedom. 


Walked through the rose garden by lake Harriet, one of my favorite places.  



Spent the day of the 4th of July at the Rappaports, playing and snuggling with baby Jack. 



Cooed over baby bunnies in our yard then (a few hours later), watched in horror as Penelope murdered one of them.  


Flew solo at a beautiful wedding on the lake for Anna and Chris.





Not pictured: the wedding planning trip we took to Maine in May. I left my phone at home accidentally and somehow survived. Z took all the pics :). More to come this summer!

That’s all she wrote! Now: diving into my new job, soaking up summer, wedding planning, and getting excited for the family cabin time and our vacation in Maine.