My Ultimate Travel Bucket List

What’s on your travel bucket list?  Everyone has places they would like to visit someday, and I’m no different.  Today I decided I finally needed to write them down.  Now the fun will be in crossing them off the list!  Here is my list of must-visit places (in random order):


1. LA – Celebrity sightings on Rodeo Drive, Pretty-Woman style.

2. NYC – I’d especially love to visit around Christmas time or in the fall.

Note: The fact that I have NEVER been to either of the largest cities in the USA (NY & LA) is shocking, I know. I can’t believe it either.

3. Portland, and other parts of Oregon, like this:

4. Yellowstone National Park – geysers and mountains and wildlife, oh my!

5. Charleston, SC – The ocean, the food, those beautiful homes.

6. Duluth & Grand Marais, MN (My own state!) It’s about time I venture even further up north.

7. Northern CA – Redwood Forests. I love the forest, and this is the most ultimate magical forest of them all.

California's Redwood Forest.  Growing up we would vacation in Redwood forests in California. Great memories.

8. Austin, TX – I hear it’s a music-filled, fun, Southern city, that doesn’t feel like the South.

9. Martha’s Vinyard/Cape Cod/Hamptons – Charm x 100! I adore these little towns.

10. Maui, HI – lush, tropical heaven.

11. New Mexico – I feel like this state is under-visited, and has coolness to offer.

12. The Grand Canyon – A wonder of the world, a short plane ride away.

13. New Orleans, LA – who can say no to beignets and jambalaya?

14. Lake Tahoe, a winter and summer desination.

15. Savannah, GA – hello, gorgeous!

16. Washington, DC – fun and educational. I’d love to visit during the spring bloom.

17. Alaska – so much beauty in one state cannot be missed!


Outside the USA

1. Paris, France – The Tower & the Arc, yes. But it’s the little details like these that make me squeal with delight.

La Maison Rose in Montmartre, Paris France. © Brian Jannsen Photography

2. Southern coast of France – Where fields of lavender meet the sea.

3. Vancouver, BC – Ever since the Olympics I’ve wanted to visit, it just looks so beautiful with the mountains & the ocean.

4. Montreal, Quebec – France of the north.

Cobblestone Street, Montreal, Canada

5. Italy – Rome, Tuscany, Cinque Terre – History, wine and rolling hills, and adorable, colorful towns.


6. Switzerland – Insane scenery… and chocolate.

7. Barcelona – Gaudi and the Sea.

8. Costa Rica – Yes to rainforests ❤

9. Ireland – Rolling green pastures, mossy cobblestone, quaint towns, and pints.

10. London, England – long live the Queen!

11. South America – I know this is vague, I need to research before I decide, I just know I want to visit! (Pic of Machu Picchu, Peru)

12. Virgin Islands – Hard to choose just one island when they all look like this…

13. New Zealand – Strangely enough, I had a hard time coming up with a reason why other than “it’s beautiful”.

14. Belize – I’d be a bit scared but also thrilled to see the big blue hole. Also, it’s a snorkelers dream without the long flight to Australia.

15. Monaco – A tiny, luxurious country.  Hopping off the yacht to the casino. 😉

16. Norway – because, well, LOOK at this place.

17. Croatia – famous for those beautiful red roofs.

18. Thailand – Elephants and natural beauty.

You’ll see some themes with my list: many places are situated next to an ocean or sea. I tend to gravitate towards water since I live in an inland state. Also, you won’t see many places in Asia. When I travel, I like to explore cities as well as the rural areas, but being in cities as jam packed as Honk Kong, Tokyo, or Mumbai give me anxiety.  Too many people!  I’m sure there are MANY less-populated areas in these Asian countries, I just don’t know much about them.  Know a good spot?  Tell me about it!

What’s on your list?? I want to know what places I cannot miss, so I can add them to my list! Now, what trip to plan first?  Hmmm… off to daydream.


*All photos found on bing.com or Pinterest.com