family milestones

This month has marked some exciting milestones for people in my family.  First, my older sister is pregnant with her second child, (my second niece!), and is due ANY DAY!  I cannot wait.  Her first child, my niece Addy, has been SO fun to watch grow.

addy feb 2014I love being an Aunt.  Or, as (native) Minnesotans say “Awwwnt”.  I have loved watching her grow from a tiny peanut, born with a full head of hair, to the bustling toddler she is today…with just as much hair!  I think she has the eyes of my sister, the smile of her daddy, and the skinny, no-toddler-rolls bod of her mama.  She is getting close to 2, and every day she learns new words and phrases.  I can’t wait to see what she has learned when I see her next!  My sister and her husband are great parents.  My sister isn’t an obsessive mom, constantly posting her kid’s every blink to social media, or freaking out and being over-protective.  She is laid-back, cool mom.  Nothing seems to phase her, even if it does, she doesn’t show it.  Those two make parenting seem easy, and I hope to be the same way if I have kiddos of my own.  Baby girl #2, I’m ready for you!!

On the opposite side of my family, my grandmother recently turned 90 years old.  My dad’s mother, grandma Ginny, has been my only remaining grandparent since my early teen years.  She is whom I have gotten to know the most, on a personal level.  I think what I love about her the most is her non-traditional Grandma personality.  She isn’t the gushy, flowery lady who just wants to pinch your cheeks.  She is real, genuine, and most of all, hilarious.  She laughs a lot and makes us all laugh a lot, sometimes when she isn’t even trying.  She swears, tells great stories, and is strong and independent.  I was mega-bummed I couldn’t make it to her 90th birthday party because of our snow storm, so I will have to make time to visit her small Iowa town as soon as I can.   Here is a pic of us at my sister’s wedding back in 2008.


Happy 90th Birthday Grandma!  And Happy almost day of birth to special peanut, niece #2!

Hooray for family.  Blessed.


Touching Story Tuesday

I want to share with you an incredible, touching story of a high school and college classmate of mine, Nate.  His attitude and outlook on life are truly inspiring, and I wish him and his family the greatest joys in the future.

Grab those tissues.

This is Iowa: ‘Grief, loss and joy’ | Local News – KCCI Home.