new house

movin’ on up!

This is a LONG overdue post:  We’re moving!

Z and I had been looking on and off at houses for the better part of a year.  The market in Minneapolis has completely changed overnight, and now when a good house hits the market, it sells, immediately.  Most good houses aren’t even hitting the market, and selling before-hand through word of mouth.  We got a bit frustrated after losing a couple of houses to multiple offer situations, but then, finally, our new house hit the market.  There weren’t any interior pics posted, but Z did some detective work and found some old pics online.  The pics looked pretty good, so we set up a showing.  We were happily surprised that the house was even BETTER than the old pics, many more updates had been done!!  We put our offer in right away.  We found out the next day that there were 5 other offers on that house in just 24 hours, so we changed our offer to be more aggressive.  We had learned a thing or two about what it takes to get a good house in this market, so we weren’t planning on taking any chances.  Plus, we threw in a nice, personal letter with a photo to seal the deal.  Hooray!  It’s ours!!

It’s a 4bed/4bath with 3 gas fireplaces to keep us warm, a sun room, and a nice yard.  Some of the bathrooms need updating, but otherwise we love everything that has been done to the house.  I’m not including pics of the outside or sharing the exact location on the blog, but I will email friends and family soon.  Here are some pics:

Front door entry.

photo 4 (4)


Front living room that walks into the dining room.

photo 5 (3)


Small office just off the front living room.

photo 4 (3)


Main floor family room.

photo 3 (4)



photo 1 (7)


Sun room that walks outside onto deck.

photo 2 (5)


Small deck next to a paver patio with pergola (Z and our inspector).

photo 2 (6)


Eat-in kitchen area (with wine fridge! eee!)

photo 1 (6)


The kitchen (my FAVORITE room).

photo 3 (5)


Can we all take a moment to sing like angels for this? Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. ❤

photo (13)


We could not be more excited.

You’re probably wondering, “what about your current house??”  Well, we sold it!  It only took two days!  Well, 2 weeks of prep work, THEN two days. 🙂  The joy of having our offer accepted on the new house was halted when I started to realize that we needed to put our current house on the market ASAP, and how much we had to do to prepare.  Thankfully, some hired help came to the rescue.  We had two weeks to do work, but within those two weeks included two weekend trips (one for fun, and one for Easter), and two nights of holiday dinners for Passover.  Plus we were both working full time during the day.  I was thinking there was no way on Earth we would get our house ready in time!

First, Z and I cleaned out any excess stuff from our house.  Every room was cleaned out, and super edited down.  We took all of the extra things and brought them to Z’s parent’s house.  They have a big storage room that they were happy to lend to us for a while.  While we were in California for Coachella (see previous post), we had our friend and his crew come in and do some updating for us.  Our friend is one of the hosts of the show “Renovate to Rent” on HGTV (season 2 is filming!), so he definitely knows what he’s doing.  They painted trim & doors, replaced door knobs, replaced carpeting in the basement, and put an apoxy over our 1950s rose pink bathroom tub and sink.  It looked so much more fresh when we returned!   A guy that Z works with owns a cleaning company, so we had them come in last minute to do a big show-house clean, since we just didn’t have the time.  We had about 6 showings, 2 paper offers, and 2 promised offers within 2 days!  We accepted one of them and chose the same closing date as our new house.

I’ll miss this house and our great neighborhood.  Everyone has been so nice and it was a wonderful first home for us, and a great learning experience.  I’ll take the memories from this house and be ready to create new ones in our new home!

Bye-bye house.  I’ll miss your flowering crabapple, your hydrangea bushes, your private yard, and your warm fireplace.  Be good to the new owner.

photo 5 (4)