not handy

fixture fumbles

This post should reaffirm our inability to be handy around the house.  This is the story of our dining room light fixture.

You may recall my initial post about this light fixture, back in January.  After our handyman came over repeatedly to fix this jumbo-sized hole in our ceiling, we were left with a big, ugly patch to paint over.  The patch was a grey color, so it definitely didn’t match the ceiling.  Like the smart, handy people we are, we went to our paint stash in the garage left by the previous owners, and found some white paint in a can labeled “interior”. This was our first genius move.  After the first coat, it still looked grey.  “It just needs another coat”, I thought foolishly.

light fixture 3

light fixture 2

After painting the second coat, it started to look like the paint wasn’t going to be the same color as the ceiling.  It was darker, and not only that, it was really shiny.  You could see this paint job from a mile away.

light fixture 4

Oh.  That looks good.

I actually thought that there must be some sort of “Ceiling White” out there, and it turns out there is.  DUH!  Thanks to the affirmations of my super handy sister and brother-in-law, I went out to the hardware store and purchased a can.  My first touch up paint session was late at night, so I found it a little impossible to see where I needed to paint.  You can see in the pic below where the new paint is and where the missed spots are.

light fixture 5

Ahh.  Much better.  After the second coat of the correct paint, it still doesn’t look perfect, but at least it’s not AS noticeable.  We are happy with how the fixture looks, and it updates the space a lot more than I thought.  Hooray for this finally being done!

light fixture 1