baby & bundles

We made it!  We moved into our new home and have been living there for about 10 days.  The move was exhausting, but exciting.  We quickly unpacked (most) boxes within a couple of days, but still have a lot of organizing and finding-homes-for to do.  It luckily didn’t rain much during the move, I tend to be famous for rainy moves.

We moved out of our old home on Thursday, then stayed overnight at Z’s parent’s house that night while we were homeless.  The next day, we didn’t close until 2pm, so I had the morning to relax and refuel for moving part 2.  I took P for a walk that morning and had a run-in with a coyote!  It was 9:30am and very sunny, so it was strange to see one so out in the open.  I was walking in the street when it walked down someone’s yard, across the street right in front of us, then into the woods on the other side.  It didn’t pause or even seem to notice us, so it didn’t seem scary at all!  Miss P seemed very alert, but didn’t move much.  Maybe she knew it wasn’t a dog?  The creature sightings continued when we moved in, two HUGE turkeys were walking across our backyard.  Those things are like 4 feet tall!  Then recently, I spotted a garter snake in my front yard,  I haven’t seen one of those since childhood.  Weird how these nature sightings come in groups.

Anywho, we moved in to our new home on Friday, and it seemed to take less than half the time than moving out.  Funny how that happens.  We spent that whole day putting away, organizing, putting together, etc.  We took little breaks to relish in our new home.  Do we actually live here?? I’ve been telling friends that it feels like we are kids living in our parent’s house.  We are officially old!

On Saturday I got to take a break from unpacking, actually take a shower, and attend a baby shower of one of my best friends from college, Emily.  She grew up around here but lives in Chicago, so it was great to see her and her adorable bump!

Me, Emily, and Amy (another college friend)

june 2014

Emily is having a girl in the next few months, and I’m so excited to meet her!  She’s going to be a lucky little girl with the most fun, sweet mom!

This last weekend was filled with rain.  In fact, there has been entirely WAY too much rain in our lives lately.  So much so that there is flooding, and event Lake Minnetonka put a “no wake” clause on the entire lake because of high levels. So if you want to go boating, you’re gonna have to go reeeeal slow.  On Saturday we had some high winds with our rain storm, and we lost one big branch and about a million tiny branches/sticks from our trees.

(Not a great shot of the big branch, my phone kept focusing on the screen).  Luckily, it landed on the walking path, and didn’t hit the house or any pretty plants.

june 2014 3

Z had a work event all weekend, so his dad was kind enough to come over on Sunday and help me bundle the sticks and cut up the big branch.  We bundled and bundled for way too long!  I was happy when that project was over.

june 2014 4I capped off that day of hard work with a trip to our peony bush, my favorite flower ever.  My old home had a tiny plant with white blooms, and this home has a much larger plant, but with dark magenta blooms.


june 2014 5

There is a lot more upkeep with this house, especially with the yard.  I am finding that I don’t really mind doing the work.  I want it to stay beautiful!  Z even picked up a dozen little gold fish for our pond, to try and keep away the algae that grows.  Turns out they keep hiding behind the rocks and I’ve only seen them once!  He might spring for larger fish this week.

Well, back to work.  Or as I should call it, listening-to-World-Cup-yells-and-screams-while-I-sit-at-a-desk.  Here’s hoping I can get some work done over the next month.  Goooooooooooaaaaaaalllllllllllllll!

june 2014 2